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Centre for Academic and Professional Support

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The student trainers reach out to the university audience without letting the latter go in search of a helping. It delivers comprehensive understanding of a varied range of topics making them career-ready.

First Indian professional ‘Online Writing Lab’ (OWL) providing students with opportunities for self-learning at their own pace. There are several interactive e-learning modules available on the portal which can be accessed by students for bettering themselves.

A one stop shop that offers personalised consultations and mentoring on academic and professional English language competency.These consultations specifically focus on areas that our clients need help with and delve deep into ensuring a high standard of learning.

The blended learning Wing of CAPS organises events that bring in expertise from professionals in the industry who enhance group learning. These events can be attended by participants from different disciplines and varying levels of knowledge.

Psychometric tests are offered to members of CHRIST to get a better understanding of their strengths and aptitudes. These tests assess topics like personality, learning styles, career interests, etc. This Wing of CAPS also aims to equip individuals with essential skills needed for their career prospects.

A number of teams: Operations, Tech Tank, Quality Control, Client Management & Market Research, Content Generation, and Media & PR at CAPS ensure its optimal quality and smooth functioning in all undertakings. They also work towards providing the trainers and volunteers with experiences that will enrich their learning.