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CAPS Assessment Wing (CAW)

CAW aims at undertaking psychometric testing for those who want to get a better understanding about themselves such as their strengths, weaknesses and career goals. Its volunteers research different areas in order to come up with relevant and suitable domains for the tests and then construct the psychometric assessments accordingly. The psychometric assessments here focus on helping an individual understand their: Teaching types Learning style Career interest Communication styles Moods and feelings Aptitude CAPS respects the confidentiality of one’s assessment and provides one-on-one coaching to the individuals if necessary or requested.

2018 - 19 Events

Learning, Coping & Adjustment Strategies in the College Space

(12th July, 2018)

Emotional Intelligence

(16th August, 2018)

Behavioral Addiction

(15th November, 2018)


(29th January, 2019)

Eat Right, Sleep Tight

(19th February, 2019)

Know Your Learning Style

(24th September, 2019)