Committees Under CAPS

Working alongside the five Wings of CAPS are six internal committees that ensure its smooth functioning. These are:

A team of computer whizzes who provide software and IT support to CAPS. These techies are the ones creating and constantly developing the micro-site, CAPS’ Volunteer Management System and web applications.

Our team of analysts conducts a comprehensive study of the needs of different stakeholders. A series of strategies and plans are devised confirming to the requirements of these stakeholders.

A mixed set of individuals with varied skills, all working to achieve one goal and that is to promote CAPS in suitable platforms. The brand is marketed through various social media profiles and also using various offline strategies.

The motto of this team is to manage the brand identity of CAPS. This Committee keeps an eye out for the authenticity of all the content that represents CAPS and also checks the relevance of the same by adhering to certain guidelines.

This unit maintains a smooth flow of work by setting targets and working continually to achieve the same. Facilitating, monitoring and documenting all processes and transactions in the Wings and Committee at large are undertaken by this team.

A team that creates quality content that is original and resourceful based on suggestions and need analysis. The content is also customized based on the need of the hour and feedback received.