About Us

Optimising Learning and Harnessing Expertise

Who is CAPS for?

In its core, CAPS provides assistance in academic and professional areas for anyone who might need it. The doors of CAPS are open to students, faculty, researchers, and everyone who is seeking help.

At an individual level, CAPS helps one attain greater proficiencies in competencies related to the academic and professional sphere, through a wide array of topics ranging from research to career readiness. It is also an opportunity to develop your networking skills and understand industry expectations through interaction-based university-wide sessions.

At an organisational level, it creates a platform for all the deaneries which promotes a cross-fertilisation of ideas and knowledge, leading to an optimal utilisation of the university’s resources. At a societal level, CAPS aims to provide society with holistically developed individuals, equipped with the appropriate skill sets that enable them to make a difference.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be a benchmark in global academic circles in providing professional and academic based solutions to in-house as well as external patrons.

Our mission is to provide a shared platform for the entire university to exchange knowledge and experience, in order to harness expertise in the academic as well as professional spheres.


  • Transforming the traditional classroom-learning setup into a 24x7 learning system.
  • Complementing and filling the gaps in the existing curriculum and providing required help.
  • Providing effective channels of interaction amidst the audience to share and communicate their knowledge.
  • Channelizing the existing resources and harnessing expertise, i.e. dynamism of the student community and experience and competence of the teaching fraternity.
  • Creating new channels to optimize learning.

Know More

There are many vital skills, both academic and professional that are beyond the classroom. These skills can act as a catalyst to propel one’s academic and professional career forward. Bridging the gap in the existing curriculum and producing holistically developed individuals by optimizing learning and harnessing experience and that is why the Centre for Academic & Professional Support was formed for in July 2015; helping Christites for their further holistic development.